It’s not your wrinkles but your JAW LINE that is ageing you: Latest cosmetic treatment sees patients having their jowls and double chin tightened with Thread-Lifts.

Before front thread-lift                    After Front thread-lift

Photographs of Caroline Clegg before and after non-surgical Thread Lift treatment at Cosmetech.


Thread-lift at Cosmetech 

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr Ashok Songra sees a host of celebrities at his Holywood (Northern Ireland)  and says that the most recent trend is patients coming in every day asking how to improve a sagging jawline and double chin.

The first thing that our mind assesses when it comes to judging the age of the person is the shape of their face, a youth full face is the shape of an upside down triangle with high cheek bones and a defined jaw line as we age the shape of the face changes to a square shape with the development of  jowls and a sagging chin.

The shape of the face is much more important than the lines and folds. In fact, according to recent research we universally recognise as younger, a person who has wrinkles but has a youthful face shape. Thus, traditional anti-wrinkle injections on the forehead alone doesn’t improve youthfulness, but changing the shape of your face and tightening your jaw line, does.

Side before thread-lift                    Side after thread-lift

Photographs of Caroline Clegg before and after non-surgical Thread Lift treatment at Cosmetech


Caroline Clegg shares her experience of this non-surgical Thread-lift

‘I have been going to Mr Songra for years at Cosmetech – he is very gentle and caring, and I trust him implicitly. On this occasion, I went in with a saggy jawline and double chin and came out with a much smoother defined jawline 45 minutes later!

Some areas were a bit uncomfortable, but apparently I was unlucky and some people hardly feel anything. I had 30 mini-threads inserted in total.  I was coated with industrial amounts of topical numbing cream one hour beforehand and looked like a man about to have a big shave, so you need to take a book along with you. There is no downtime whatsoever – I could have gone to a party that same night!

Although I was told there’s a one in ten chance of bruising and to expect bruising which can last up to two weeks, I was lucky in that I had no bruising or swelling at all.  The treated areas feel a little tight and tender, but even these feelings seem to be rapidly disappearing.  Out of the three people I have seen, separately, so far, each one has paid me a compliment, and said I was looking good! 

That suits me fine – I always think if people can tell what you have had done, then it was too much.  All in all I could not recommend mini-threading more highly.’


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