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PDO Thread Lift

This treatment uses absorbable threads to lift and rejuvenate facial skin, resulting in a fresh and youthful appearance. The Thread Lift treatment repositions sagging skin, to tightening and add definition to the face.

Procedure Time
2 x 1-2-hour sessions, 4-6 weeks apart.

Result Effect
You can see lifting results immediately. Skin rejuvenating and tightening effects start from 3-4 weeks and continue for up to 8 months.

Result Duration
The majority of patients find the treatment results last from 12-18 months.

Local anaesthetic and topical numbing cream

Back to work
You can resume normal activity immediately following the treatment.

There may be sensitivity 24-48 hours post treatment

Risks and complications
There’s a chance of bruising, swelling and tenderness post treatment.

Who performs the treatment?
Our Consultant Surgeons have a background in head, neck and face reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery.   Our Principal Consultant Surgeon Mr Ashok Songra is also on the Anti-Wrinkle Validator panel of experts for the UK


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Before and After

Patient photographs before and after a Thread-Lift treatments.

Before and After Thread Lift at Cosmetech


Thread Lift Treatment Areas

Thread lift Treatment Areas



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?
Thread Lift treatment is virtually pain-free. Threads are loaded in very fine and extremely sharp needles, making implantation virtually painless. Only a topical anaesthetic or local anaesthetic is required depending on the threads used.

Are there any side effects?
There is potential for bruising and slight swelling. Redness of the treated area can last up to 24 hours. You can continue with daily life immediately.

Are the results natural?
Thread Lift treatment makes it possible to regenerate and firm the skin naturally, without changing your features or facial expression. You’re still you… just younger-looking and revitalised!

How many threads do I need?
The number of threads required will depend on the patient’s characteristics and the areas to be treated. Obtaining a regenerative effect that brightens skin and improves texture requires many threads. But your Doctor is the one to decide. Ask him or her for advice.

When will I see the results?
There can be some immediate results seen. Thread Lift treatment repositions sagging skin, providing a more youthful appearance. At that point, its regenerative action kicks in, increasing oxygen supply to the cells and stimulating collagen and elastin production. After a month or two, skin will be younger, firmer and brighter looking.


Pre and post-treatment advice


  • A course of Arnica tablets is recommended for up to 10 days prior to treatment to help prevent bruising.
  • Vitamin C tablets from 1 week before until at least 3 months afterwards. Vitamin C assists collagen production.
  • Should a pain killer be required, avoid aspirin as it encourages the appearance of bruises.
  • Avoid coffee, tobacco and stimulants in general.
  • Treatment must be carried out by a qualified Doctor.


Post-procedure advice

You might experience:

  • Some mild discomfort and tenderness after the procedure. You may feel a slight tightening sensation as new collagen is produced around the threads. This may last for 2 weeks.
  • Occasionally the needle may puncture a small blood vessel resulting in a bruise.
  • Swelling and redness: This may result following the procedure due to injection with the needle. Your face might be slightly red with small bumps (needle entry points) and with some slight bruising around the target areas, but this will subside after few days.
  • Please do not touch treated areas for 4 hours after the treatment.
  • Please avoid sleeping on treated areas for 3 nights.
  • When a bruise does appear, please apply Arnica cream a few times a day.
  • Please do not plan any facial treatments after 3-4 weeks’ post Threads treatment.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and warming of your face 7-10 days.
  • Please do not plan any laser treatments to treated areas for next 4 weeks (Laser might break new collagen, which has been stimulated and procedure after the PDO Threads treatment).

You will be able to see results almost as soon as you leave the clinic however, it is important to keep in mind that it takes 10-14 days for collagen to start working. You will start to see the effects it is having on the appearance of your skin after 4 weeks’ post treatment.


Case Study: Alex Best

Looking, Feeling And Being Your Best

Ulster Tatler’s Joanne Harkness speaks to Alex Best, author, TV personality and ex-wife of the late George Best about her non-surgical facelift treatment with Cosmetech in their Holywood branch.

Catching up with Alex, 24 hours after her treatment, I would not have been aware that she had been through a procedure at all – she was in good spirits and looking as fresh and glamorous as she always does. She emphasised the lack of downtime needed with this treatment. “There is no anaesthetic required, the only thing used was some numbing cream. It was just like going for anti-wrinkle injections, you could even go back to work after! I woke up this morning with no bruising, just totally back to normal.”

Alex has been in the public eye for 20+ years, starting her career in modelling and later becoming an author and TV personality. As a woman in the media she feels like it
is only natural to be under pressure to look good. “There is a bit more pressure because people are so quick to comment on your appearance when they see pictures in magazines. However, even if I wasn’t in the public eye, I have always been someone who takes pride in their appearance.

“I feel like men don’t have to think about these things, they just jump in the shower and moan about having to shave, whereas women have to think about waxing, getting our hair done, nails, tan…the list goes on.” With the scrutiny to look good and ‘age well’ it can be easy to turn to surgery but sometimes going under the knife isn’t necessary to gain a more youthful look. Alex agrees with this: “I wouldn’t be keen on doing anything that involves major surgery, but I don’t mind having a few little tweaks here and there now that I am closer to 50 than 40. Nothing invasive, just something to give a little bit of help along the way.”

With this in mind, the PDO Thread-Lift seemed like the perfect option for Alex, a non-surgical facelift, with zero downtime. So how does it work?

“They inject in threads, similar to getting stitches. I had mine focused around the jawline and cheekbones. They are bio- degradable, just like the surgical stitches that are used in cardiac surgery, they stimulate your own collagen production for up to 8 months before they dissolve, treatment results last from 12-18 months before they disappear, this thickens and tightens the skin.”

With the session only lasting 30-60 minutes, you could be mistaken that it would take a bit of time to develop but this was not the case according to Alex. “I noticed the difference straight away. It looks like I have a jawline now. It doesn’t look overly drastic, like I have had my eyes pulled back, which can be the case with surgical facelifts – it just gives my face more definition. I am absolutely thrilled with the results!”

Alex was also thrilled with the quality of service and attention to detail that she received at Cosmetech. “The team were absolutely amazing and the premises they have at their Holywood branch is great! They offer a wide range of treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and mole removal. My consultant, Mr Gerard Smith is a Consultant Maxillofacial (head, face and neck) Surgeon with a specialist interest in non-surgical treatments. He is fully trained to offer this treatment and I felt like I was in safe hands with him. Thread-lifts should only be performed by a trained doctor in a clinical environment, recently this procedure has been regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in the UK mainland so it’s very important to be careful where you go for Thread-lifts.

Alex had previously lived in Portavogie with her late husband George Best and takes every opportunity to return to Northern Ireland to visit friends.

“I usually try and get over to Northern Ireland at least twice a year – I love coming back! Every time I come back, I feel like it has changed for the better. Places like Belfast have a real buzz about them, and it is great to see places like Cosmetech, where there is a branch in both Belfast and Holywood.”

With Northern Ireland holding a place in her heart, it isn’t just the people that she loves here, it is also the food. “The food is absolutely amazing here! Wheaten bread is my favourite, and they have actually started selling it in my local supermarket back home, thanks to Paul Rankin’s brand of wheaten and soda bread being available here now. I also love the fresh seafood. In London it is overpriced, and the food is not half as good in quality as it is over here. When George and I lived here we used to think living in London seemed like a rip off in comparison.”

At the time of our conversation it was the recent anniversary of her late husband’s death, 14 years have gone in so quickly since the legendary George Best’s passing.

“The anniversary is always a sad day, but with every year it gets a bit easier. Thinking back to his funeral he would have been so pleased with the turnout of fans and friends who lined the streets for him.”

George’s legacy lives on in Northern Ireland notably in the Belfast City Airport named in his honour.

“He would be so chuffed that the airport was named after him. He was thrilled
when it was first built, as he had to fly over to film for Sky Sports each weekend, so the Belfast City Airport was a lot more convenient when it came along.”

After our chat, Alex was catching a flight back to her home in Surrey. She couldn’t wait to attend events and parties now, to have the opportunity to get glammed up and make the most of her newly rejuvenated skin. But she also loves nothing more than chilling out at home with her beautiful red setter.

“As much as I love taking pride in my appearance, I equally love being at home in my jeans or tracksuit with no makeup on and taking my dog on lots of walks.”


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