Training for a Stronger Pelvic Floor



The newly developed Pelvic Training Chair training addresses a growing need in all sections of society. Most people in Western society work in a seated position. And even when we move, we still spend long periods sitting in cars, trains and airplanes. At the gym, we tend to work on our exterior musculature, neglecting our core, the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. The non-invasive PelviPower training is a simple and effective way to strengthen the pelvic floor. With the unique combination of magnetic field therapy and biofeedback training.


The Pelvic Training Chair: the numbers

15 to 20 1 to 5 3 to 12
Minutes of Training Times Weekly Weeks of Training


The Pelvic Floor

They weave their magic in the background, unnoticed, almost a taboo issue: the pelvic floor muscles – one of the body’s most important muscle groups. The pelvic floor is responsible for your health, energy, charisma and joie de vivre. The pelvic floor is the centre of power at the core of your body. Actually you will only notice it when it stops working properly. For instance if you experience incontinence, bladder weakness or erectile dysfunction. Reason enough to train the pelvic floor muscles – and the PelviPower method is the easiest, most convenient and effective way.

Pelvic Floor


The Pelvic Training Chair

The Pelvic Training Chair is a new method that trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles simply and effectively. State-of-the-art medicine combined with effective individual training.


The Pelvic Training Chair with RPMS
(repetitive peripheral muscle stimulation)

The Pelvic Training Chair training acts on all of the muscles around the pelvis, the gluteus and the upper thighs. RPMS stimulates the pelvic floor muscles at a neuromuscular level. The micro-massage effect significantly increases circulation throughout the trunk and lower lumbar region. The Pelvic Training Chair training is particularly suited to neuromuscular training and strengthening of the pelvic floor among people who are unable or unwilling to complete individual training in a standard setting.


Biofeedback training (BFT) 
Individual training for the pelvic floor

The biofeedback trainer supports the patient’s individual training. An integrated sensor detects the activity of the pelvic floor muscles. This enables visualisation of muscle movement on a monitor during training. This biofeedback increases the effectiveness of training. Biofeedback training is the efficient alternative for persons who are contraindicated for magnetic field training.


Breakdown of the new training method for your pelvic floor

  • Magnetic field therapy to strengthen the musculature
  • Simple and painless training
  • Non-invasive training, meaning: You take a seat on a chair and train in your normal clothing
  • More effective than standard individual training
  • Confirmed by scientific studies
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Noticeable stimulation of your muscles from the first session
  • Personal training profile from our certified trainers after the first trial session



Your training settings are stored on a The Pelvic Training Chair treatment card to ensure that your pelvic floor training is as simple and effective as possible. This way, The Pelvic Training Chair knows exactly how to train your pelvic floor.



Pelvipower Incontinence treatment

Pelvic floor training for incontinence

Incontinence impairs your quality of life at all times. Your bladder dominates your daily routines. Leaking or loss of urine put a strain on your everyday life. Absorbent pads are an emergency solution. With the Pelvic Floor Training Chair we help you regain some of your freedom. You train simply and conveniently and learn how to control your bladder. So you can go back to doing what you enjoy, whenever you like.

Did you know?
Around 423 Million people around the world are affected by incontinence and  bladder weakness – and the numbers are growing.

“Since I started with my Pelvic Floor Chair training I can now enjoy an entire film at the cinema.” – INGE S, 42 years old



Pelvifloor Young MothersPelvic floor training before and after childbirth

Pelvic floor training before and after childbirth is an important preventive measure and helps the young mother to heal. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and the stress of childbirth cause a great deal of strain on the pelvic floor. Effective pelvic floor training with the Pelvic Floor Training Chair is an ideal method to ensure good recovery of your pelvic floor. Biofeedback training before childbirth, a combination of biofeedback training and magnetic field therapy afterwards.

Did you know?
Every 3rd women suffers from bladder weakness after giving birth. Support your postnatal healing with the Pelvic Floor Training Chair.

Prenatal Strengthening
Childbirth is an immense challenge for the body and the pelvic muscles especially. Biofeedback training lets you train your pelvic floor effectively and without exertion during pregnancy, ensuring you experience as few complaints as possible before and after giving birth.

Recovery after childbirth
Mother baby
After giving birth, women may experience a temporary loss of urinary control. Faecal incontinence can also occur after an episiotomy or tear. The Pelvic Floor Training Chair is a quick and effective method of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You only need to invest 15 to 20 minutes for one session every day. For a stronger pelvic floor.

“I managed to regain control of my bladder thanks to the Pelvic Floor Training Chair. And I’m also strengthening my core and can concentrate more on my baby.” – Petrah, 29 years old



Female Vitality

A strong pelvic floor for strong women

The Pelvic Floor Training Chair stimulates both deep and superficial layers of tissue and increases cellular metabolism. This encourages tightening of the tissue and improves blood flow to the skin, supporting the fight against cellulite and weak connective tissue. What’s more, tissue stimulation and the energised metabolism heighten a woman’s sexual sensitivity and the ability to achieve orgasm. Complaints associated with menopause can also be alleviated. Breeze confidently through menopause with the newfound energy from your body’s core.

Did you know?
Menopause and Libido are relevant topics for almost every women!

Many women suffer greatly from bulging layers of fat around the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs. But they don’t have to! The pelvic floor is among the most important muscle groups in the body. It gives the inner organs firm support and contributes to harmonious shapeliness of the stomach, pelvis and buttock areas. The Pelvic Floor Training Chair stimulates blood flow and metabolism in subdermal layers of fat, tightening the stomach, buttocks and thigh muscles and reducing the emergence of cellulite.

Many women desire sexuality, but are often insufficiently stimulated to achieve orgasm, a level that varies from person to person. The pelvic floor plays a major role in sexual experience. It surrounds the entire vagina and is rightly considered the centre of pleasure. Regular pelvic floor training promotes blood flow in the pelvic floor and facilitates sexual pleasure. The ability to orgasm increases. Physical sensation of the body improves. The Pelvic Floor Training Chair lets you take back control of your own sexual pleasure.

“I have become aware again of my own attractiveness and I am enjoying life.”– Karin B, 45 years old



Back Pain

Relief for back pain

The pelvic floor muscles are closely connected to the back muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles frequently cause back pain, while poorly developed back muscles and bad posture weaken your pelvic floor. Strengthening the pelvic floor normalises the tone of the surrounding muscle tissue. This may alleviate symptoms of lower back pain as a secondary effect. The Pelvic Floor Training Chair helps to strengthen your pelvic floor and contributes significantly to improving your posture and relaxing the back muscles.

Did you know?

Back pain numbers amongst the 5 most common public health complaints worldwide – and it’s due to the Western lifestyle!

“I have slept better at night since I started pelvic floor training.”– Tanja L, 33 years old


Tissue Toning
Preventative pelvic floor training

Why wait to start with pelvic floor training until you are already experiencing symptoms like incontinence? A strong pelvic floor is a good method of preventing incontinence, erectile dysfunction, complications before or after childbirth or back pain. Sense and discover your pelvic floor with the Pelvic Floor Training Chair; strengthen the core of your body and prevent unpleasant symptoms that would significantly impair your everyday life.

Did you know?
Around 423 Million people around the world are affected by incontinence and bladder weakness – and the numbers are growing.




Pulsed magnetic stimulation for stress incontinence
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“Magnetic field stimulation is extremely well suited to strengthening the body core. It provides an excellent deeply penetrating effect for an effective neuromuscular training.”


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