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Cosmetech is in partnership with Kingsbridge Healthcare Group which includes the 5-star Kingsbridge Private Hospital on Belfast’s prestigious Lisburn Road.  Kingsbridge is a 16-bed, three storey hospital housing the highest levels of technological advancements in private healthcare and offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

If you are not comfortable with the size, shape or feel of some of your body features, or they are causing you physical problems, we are here to help. In many cases surgery may not be required, as simple non-surgical cosmetic treatments can achieve the desired results. However, where appropriate, cosmetic surgery has helped many people feel better about the appearance of body features, whether that is ears, nose, eyelids, breasts, bottom and stomach.

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Prior to any decision being made regarding surgery, Kingsbridge Private Hospital provides a confidential consultation with a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon. The consultant cosmetic surgeon will offer expert advice and counselling. Together you can decide on the best form of treatment.

For further information about surgical and non-surgical procedures, please call 028 9066 7878, email [email protected] or visit www.kingsbridgeprivatehospital.com.


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