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PelviPower Chair at Cosmetech in Belfast

Cosmetech are delighted to introduce the new PelviPower Chair to our clinics in Belfast. It is now available at Cosmetech’s  Maypole Clinic, Northern Ireland.

The PelviPower Chair was developed to help men and women whose life can be restricted by embarrassing and often painful symptoms. The Chair treats patients with conditions ranging from damage and weakening of the pelvic muscles caused during childbirth, to post prostate surgery. The clinic offers a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, and the diagnosis and treatments of pelvic floor disorders.

Approximately 1 in 3 women experience women’s health problems from a weak pelvic floor at some point in their lifetime. For many years women thought that their incontinence, bladder control and other problems, especially after childbirth, were to be expected and that they just had to tolerate them. They were sometimes either too embarrassed to seek help, or unaware that there are effective treatments available, and sometimes had to plan their days and journeys around knowing where toilets are located, in order to avoid ‘accidents’. Very often we can help these people.

The clinic undertakes a number of assessment procedures. Patients present typically with a variety of conditions, including poor bowel control or incontinence, long term constipation problems and difficulty in emptying the bowel. Treatment may require surgery, but more often it involves non-surgical options including bowel habit retraining with the Biofeedback Training, Pelvic Floor Treatment Chair or ThermiVa & Viveve (radio frequency) treatments.
Biofeedback Training
Bowel habit retraining known as Biofeedback. This non-invasive treatment involves retraining muscles to relax, or the strengthening of muscle tone in the back passage and pelvic floor, depending on the patients’ symptoms. The programme can last around six months and has an 80% success rate.
PelviPower Chair
The clinic has introduced a new non-invasive training method for your pelvic floor which is a treatment chair that treats you with Magnetic field therapy to strengthen the musculature. You sit on the chair and train in your normal clothing, for 20 minutes per session (for a minimum of 4 sessions depending on the programme) with a specialist nurse or physiotherapist. It is more effective than standard individual training and is confirmed by scientific studies and recommended by doctors. You will notice improvement in your muscles from the first session.
Indications include:
• Incontinence (bowel weakness, bladder weakness, leaking, prevention)
• Young mothers (post natal, bladder weakness, increased libido) Female vitality (menopause, cellulite, libido)
• Male Vitality (increased potency,post- prostatectomy rehabilitation) Back pain (relaxation and posture)
• TissueToning (prevention, strengthening and tissue toning)

Cosmetech has also introduced a new radio frequency device called ThermiVa. This is a new non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates the vagina and vulva without plastic surgery. The treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue, without discomfort or downtime.

Used to treat:
• Urinary Incontinence (improves bladder control)
• Vaginal Tightening
• Vaginal rejuvenation
• Improves sexual Function
• Sexual Enhancement
• Labia reduction
• Female Genital Enhancement
“The therapy has shown great success. Almost all patients experienced a substantial improvement or complete alleviation of their symptoms.” – Dr. MED. UNIV. Darius Chovghi


Treatment available at:

Maypole Clinic

Chelsea Private Clinic