Male Pelvic Health

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Male Pelvic Health

Our comprehensive male pelvic health service is led by Mr Ian Walsh (Clinical Academic Urologist and Psychosexual Specialist) and focuses on:

  • Urinary difficulties
  • Sexual function


Assessment is tailored to the individual man:

  • Bespoke medical history
  • Cardiovascular and BMI assessment
  • Urinary symptom assessment and score
  • Sexual function assessment and score
  • Urological physical examination
  • Urine and blood testing (infection, diabetes, bladder, kidneys, prostate)
  • Uroflow (urine flow and bladder function)
  • Pelvic muscle strength
  • Psychosexual evaluation


Most cases can be treated with noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments to vitalise the pelvis and improve function:

  • Medication
  • Biofeedback (bladder and sexual function)
  • Pelvipower – magnetic stimulation to improve blood flow and strength
  • Psychosexual therapy


To book a Pelvic Health Assessment with Mr Ian Walsh at Cosmetech, Maypole Clinic, Holywood please call 028 9042 3200

or email frontdesk@cosmetech.co.uk


Treatment available at:

Maypole Clinic