Sclerotherapy –  Leg Vein Treatment 

Foam Sclerotherapy is  suitable for smaller varicose veins on the legs. It’s a simple injectable procedure that seals off the veins. After the procedure patients are advised to wear compression garments for a week. A few treatments will be required for optimum results. Large bulging varicose veins may require laser varicose vein removal.

Threadveins (spider veins) are fine veins on the surface of the skin that can be cosmetically unsightly. These are treated by Microsclerotherapy.

An initial consultation is required with one of our Consultant Vascular Surgeon’s prior to treatment please see price guide below:

Sclerotherapy  Consultation £150
Sclerotherapy Consultation and Scan £250

Foam Sclerotherapy from  £495
Microsclerotherapy Injection session £300
Review Consultation £100
Review Consultation and  further treatment from £300