Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalLet Cosmetech put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal. Excess hair may be the result of medical conditions, but the pressure to remove it may be cosmetic. Cultural norms and peer group pressure often require the removal of hair in certain regions such as the face, axillae (armpits), legs and bikini line for women and the chest and back for men.


Laser hair removal treatment offers clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair.


How Laser Hair Removal works

Our unique Laser Hair Removal system carefully filters light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct wavelengths is allowed to reach your skin.  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is attracted to hair pigment (melanin). For effective hair removal the IPL targets the pigment in the hair. Prior to treatment a gel is applied to the skin to optimise the treatment. An applicator is then pressed onto the skin and the light energy is absorbed into the hair causing a heat reaction to destroy the follicle. The treatment is only successful in the Anagen stage (growing stage) of the hair growth, therefore a course of treatments is required. All skin types can be treated.

What precautions are needed?


Eye protection glasses will be provided for both the technician and the client to wear when receiving and performing treatment. Clients should avoid tanning 1 month ahead of and during the entire treatment scenario.  This is to avoid increased pain or burns from excessive light absorption in the epidermis. Immediately after the treatment the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light. A sunscreen of at least 30+ must be used for 30 days after the treatment.

Is permanent hair removal possible?


Permanent Hair Reduction can be successfully achieved. After the first treatment clients gets significant reduction in hair density. Also re-grown hairs tend to become much finer and slightly less dark.

Is the Ellipse Light treatment safe?


Yes. It is completely safe. Ellipse is a 2nd generation Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system utilising a patented ‘dual mode filtering’ system, which removes all unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths. The Ellipse has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different skin and hair types thus allowing the energy levels to be adjusted for the client’s individual needs.


 Treatment available at

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