Cellulite and body contouring

Cosmetech takes a non-surgical approach to body contouring and the treatment of cellulite. It favours Endospheres therapy because it has a regenerative effect on tissue and rather than causing damage, and as a result restores its natural function. After a course of treatments, the skin is smoother, and the contours improved. Cellulite looks less bumpy and fat deposits are reduced.

97.8% of patients are satisfied with the results.
On average people drop two dress sizes after a course of treatments
The average circumference reduction on the thighs is 2.5cm

Treatment Benefits
• Body sculpting
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Cellulite treatment

Treatment Areas
• Buttocks
• Thighs
• Stomach
• Backs of arms
• Legs for fluid retention


What is Endospheres Therapy?
Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive mechanical treatment. It uses the proven benefits of compressive microvibration. These compressions create a pumping action on the vessels and lymphatic system. The five effects of Endospheres therapy result in a restoration of the skin and its function. It reduces the appearance of Cellulite and orange peel skin.

The treatment of cellulite and orange peel skin using Endospheres Therapy
Recent studies have shown Endospheres Therapy is effective in the battle against cellulite. Delivering constant and localised mechanical action restores and improves the skins functions. The positive effect on lymphatic drainage encourages very quick recovery.

How does compressive microvibration work? The Endosphères therapy treatment delivers five positive effects.


1) Lymphatic Draining Action

The main task of the lymphatic system is to keep the immune system operating well while cleaning and nourishing all the cells in the body.

The particular movement of the spheres of the handpiece with which the treatment is carried out creates a “pumping” effect, thanks to a pulsed rhythmic action induced by the direction of rotation of the cylinder: this thrust activates the lymphatic system by eliminating the excess toxic liquids, without causing any damage due to the possible traction or aspiration of the skin.


2) Muscle Contraction

The constant effect of compression on the muscles gives them a work out. The increased blood and accelerated drainage will help the muscles to relax.

The Compressive Microvibration system uses the muscle as active resistance and thanks to vibratory stimulation, it allows us to achieve optimisation of the muscle tone in the areas treated.


3) Improved Blood Circulation

The specific “honeycomb-like” arrangement of the vibratory elements on the cylinder, together with the micro-compression practised on tissues, produces a profound stimulation at the vascular and metabolic level. The tissue thus undergoes some raising action that generates a “vascular workout”, which favours an important improvement of the microcirculatory system.


4) Skin Cell Regenerative Action

The gentle micro-trauma caused by the rotation and vibration of the silicone spheres, spurs stem cells into restorative action.

Endospheres Therapy adequately reactivates microcirculation. By taking advantage of adequate amounts of the oxygen, micro and macro nutrients. This provides the stem cells components to regenerate tissue optimally. The immediate result is a reduction in undulations at the surface of the skin, typical in cellulite.


5) Pain Relief Action

Compressive Microvibration, with its pulsating and rhythmic action on mechanoreceptors, creates a desensitisation of the latter by producing the reduction/removal of pain in a short time. This activation of receptors, together with better oxygenation, allows for the reduction of tissue inflammation, active both for painful forms of cellulite and lymphoedema, and in rehabilitation and sports medicine.


How will I feel after the treatment?
The treatment leaves you feeling lighter and toned adding to the wellbeing. Many people say they feel like they have done some exercise. It is possible that fluid will be removed from the body naturally following the treatment. It is important to stay hydrated and you may notice you need to urinate more frequently.


What is the downtime?
One of the key important features is the lack of any damage to the tissue structure as a whole. The treatment is comfortable and encourages holistic wellbeing

Endospheres Therapy is effective and gentle. This allows it to be combined with other treatments which are invasive to achieve better results. It has been successfully used before and after liposuction, laser lipolysis and surgery.


FAQs Endospheres Therapy at Cosmetech

How many treatments are going to be needed to get results?

You will need a course of 12 sessions depending on the severity of the condition. Your therapist will assess your condition and give you an indication

How often do I need to have the treatment?
After a consultation a personal treatment plan will be outlined, and you will be recommended treatments as required generally 1 week apart.

How long do treatments take?
The treatment is generally completed in under one hour.

Will the treatment hurt?
One of the true benefits of Endospheres Therapy is the fact that it is easy to tolerate and not painful.

Who will carry out the Endospheres Therapy ?

Treatments carried out at Cosmetech are carried out by a therapist trained by Endospheres.

Will I need to be taken out of my normal routine?
The treatment may make you need to go to the toilet more often for a few hours due to its mechanism of draining. Other than that, you have no issues continuing with your normal routine.

What shall I wear?
Just comfortable loose-fitting clothes are great but there is no real dress code. Your therapist will provide what is necessary in the treatment depending on the area being treated.

Why do I need a consultation?
The consultation is important for the treating therapist to understand your history and your journey. It helps us to decide the best possible course of action for you as an individual.

Why do I need to have photographs taken?
We take photographs as an accurate way to track progress we keep these secure with the data we have about you it is not shared unless you give us permission.