Cosmetech’s Consultant surgeons specialise in the removal of cosmetic moles and skin tags. In the vast majority of cases all of these lesions are benign. But if there is any clinical concern about the nature of the lesion it can be sent off for testing.

Q: How are skin lesions removed?
“In most cases these can be done under a local anaesthetic. If there are no concerns about its nature, they can be either shaved off, or excised. Some skin lesions can also be treated by freezing the skin – termed cryotherapy. All options are discussed with the patient beforehand.”

Q: Does it hurt having these removed?
“Since these are treated under local anaesthetic it shouldn’t! The worse bit is having the injection of anaesthetic, which many patients describe as a mild stinging sensation. Cryotherapy does not even need anaesthetic.”

Q: How long does the procedure take?
“That depends on you! If you are the sort of person who can drive home after a filling at the dentist, then there should be no reason why not. But if you are a bit squeamish, best to bring someone with you. They can at least tell you how brave you were, even if they don’t need to drive!”

Q: What about aftercare?
“If stitches have been necessary these are generally removed after 5-7 days. For best results a combination of steristrips and scar massage are required and which you need to do will be discussed.”

Q: Will I have a scar?
“Scarring is an inevitable consequence of surgery in anyone’s hands, so yes. But of course, the whole point is to be cosmetic and everything is designed to minimise this. It’s best to consider this as replacing one cosmetic blemish with another one, which should be much better. But it is unrealistic to expect an invisible scar no matter who your specialist is.”

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