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Colon Hydrotherapy can help to alleviate the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which include bloating, pain and constipation. 

Digestion is a complex process which can be easily disrupted. In the small intestine, most nutrients and up to 90% of the water is absorbed. The large intestine (Colon) is responsible for processing indigestible food material and the trillions of bacteria in the colon produce substantial amounts of vitamins by fermentation (K and B vitamins, including biotin). However as the bacteria ferment gas can be produced which causes discomfort and bloating. Digestive problems can occur when transit time is either too fast causing diarrhoea or too slow causing constipation and bloating. Normal transit time is 24 hours, but this can be affected by the following  factors:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Disease
  • Infection
  • Medication
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Colonics cleanse the colon, stimulate the nerve and muscle action of the bowels and help the colon to work normally again. In turn this will help to maintain healthy colonic flora and will decrease the risk of abdominal bloating, gas, diarrhoea, constipation and infectious colitis.

For the best results we combine Colon Hydrotherapy and abdominal massage. Many people report an overall improvement in wellbeing and an increase in energy levels. Colon Hydrotherapy can help to alleviate the symptoms of IBS such as bloating from excess gas, pain and constipation. It can also be used to detox the body and be part of improving your overall wellbeing.

At Cosmetech all of our team are ARCH* Registered Colon Hydrotherapists. So that we can provide the highest standards in quality and ensure the safety  of our treatments. Cosmetech treats over 600 people a month and over the last 5 years the clinic has completed over 25,000 treatments.

To learn more about Colonic Hydrotherapy please call Cosmetech, Chelsea Private Clinic on LDN: 02075650333.

*ARCH – Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists