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Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Womens health phsyiotherapy at Cosmetech

Women’s Health Physiotherapy
Women’s Health Physiotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of all disorders affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor. From incontinence to prolapse, pelvic pain, back pain or constipation, there is growing evidence that physiotherapy can alleviate, and in many cases cure these symptoms.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy includes the following services:

  • Pelvic floor re-training and exercises
  • Pilates based exercises for core stability and strengthening
  • Provision of pelvic floor muscle stimulators to improve the activation and strength of pelvic floor muscles which may include our new Pelvic Floor Training Chair and Biofeedback Chair
  • Advice on toileting and postural modifications
  • Acupuncture
  • Manual therapy and soft tissue massage where appropriate for relaxation of over active muscles
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

Start with an Initial consultation and assessment.


Prenatal Strengthening
Childbirth is an immense challenge for the body and the pelvic muscles especially. Biofeedback training lets you train your pelvic floor effectively and without exertion during pregnancy, ensuring you experience as few complaints as possible before and after giving birth.


Mummy MOT 

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist. (Ideally at 6 weeks and beyond.)
  • Checks Pelvic Floor strength and tummy gap.
  • Assesses any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth.
  • Recommends a bespoke postnatal recovery programme, looking at Posture, Breathing and core activation.


Treatment available at:

Maypole Clinic