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Hair Lounge by Maria

Private Hairdressing

We are proud to offer a private hairdressing room at the Chelsea Private Clinic. Our exclusive services include colour, cutting and styling for ladies and gents. Other services include conditioning treatments such as Olaplex, hair relaxing or permanent straightening systems and extensions.

Maria is an all-round Senior Stylist & Colour Specialist with a strong academic background in the field of hair and Cosmetology. With over 12 years of experience within the industry, she provides technical expertise and services of the highest professional standards.

Maria has always been very passionate about her profession hence the strong technical foundation which led to a very careful selection of products that could actualize her creative vision while always maintaining the health of hair.  She has chosen to work with products from the House of Davines, a sustainable beauty creator.

Davines laboratories combine the best raw materials with cutting-edge research, in order to provide maximum scientific innovation whilst enhancing the elements that nature gives us. All products are paraben free and sulphate free. The products come in recyclable zero impact packaging which ensures both a low carbon footprint and a low environmental impact.

Olaplex Intense Treatment

Olaplex hairdressing london

Olaplex is a revolutionary re-bonding treatment to strengthen hair from the inside out. Designed to reconnect the sulphur bonds broken by the process of thermal, mechanical and chemical services, after just one application hair will be left stronger and more resilient. Olaplex can be used to restore compromised hair or by adding it to another service, such as tinting or bleaching, to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Benefits of Olaplex

• Stronger hair
• Healthier hair
• Prevent Breakage
• Longer lasting colour


Yuko System

The Yuko system (also known as Japanese hair straightening) reduces damage to the hair and scalp resulting in smooth, sleek hair.
Unlike the nanoSmooth treatment, which smooths out frizz and needs to be maintained every 10-12 weeks, Yuko hair straightening is a permanent method and gives a poker-straight hair look. The client needs to visit the salon once you there is a regrowth and roots need to be done, which is every four-six months.

This service cannot be performed on previously coloured hair. As everything is a bespoke service to each client – a private hairdressing consultation to assess the texture, thickness, health and history of the hair is necessary.


Nanokeratin System

private hairdressing chelsea london

Introducing the nanoSmooth Treatment

The nanoSmooth treatment is the leading smoothing product. It is a revolutionary hair care management system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates a fantastic smoothing treatment that will last up to 100 days.

The nanoSmooth treatment is formulated with patented Biomimetic ingredients, Keratin, Amino Acids and Proteins designed to add strength, moisture and manageability. The results clients experience are truly breath-taking and life-changing.

Book your free private hairdressing consultation with Maria at Cosmetech, Chelsea Private Clinic to find out more information on how it can benefit you.




Luxury Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions London

There is an ever-increasing demand for higher quality hair extensions to keep in line with modern elite hair trends and creations.

With this in mind, Cosmetech Chelsea Private Clinic welcomes you to an exquisite range of Luxury Hair Extensions.

Sourced by 100% Virgin Hair with a careful selection of the finest, healthiest and strongest hairs, together with the world’s most advanced processing techniques, ensures that the extensions perform exactly like your own hair. We guarantee the most natural wave, fullness, lustre and longevity.  Contact our private hairdressing room ‘Hair Lounge by Maria‘ at Chelsea Private Clinic to find out more.


Mask with Vibrachrom 

Conditioning colouring system

Mask with Vibrachrom is a new permanent cream-based colouring system using technology that is unprecedented in the cosmetics world. By penetrating more evenly into the hair structure, it gives hair intense conditioning power and extra ordinarily shiny plus long-lasting colour. Vibrachrom is an innovative technology created in Davines’ Research Labs that combines the best properties of nature with concepts from the world of cosmetics and textiles. From nature is used quinoa protein extract, which increases the absorption of colour and guarantees that the hair fibres lock in colour over time; from the world of cosmetics comes a natural vegetal conditioning factor, rich in Omega 9 that guarantees bright and vibrant colours, and, from the world of textiles, a phospholipid carrier never before used in cosmetics, which facilitates the penetration of pigments into the hair, guaranteeing uniform colour from roots to ends.

Finest Pigments

Up to 98% natural direct colour

Finest pigments is an ammonia-free direct colouring system formulated with natural pigments and ingredients of up to 98% of natural origin. The formulas are used directly on hair, with no need for activators. This is a gentle and natural colouring system that is quick and easy to use. Available in 14 nuances that can be mixed together, as well as Finest Gloss. Finest Pigments protect hair’s structure with their strong antioxidant power, which enhances and preserves shine and glossiness. Ammonia-free.


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